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Here at Biscount we understand your business and take pride in delivering
solutions that truly satisfy your needs. We mean business and Biscount
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Biscount is a complete Business Management Software Package,
designed for Retailers in the Outdoor Power Equipment, Agricultural,
Motorcycle and Marine Industries.

Save Time. Make Money.

We believe in the old adage “It’s not the destination,
but the journey that matters.” Join us here at Biscount
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Software That Means Business


Biscount is Australia’s & New Zealand’s premier Dealer Management System. With more than 35 years of industry experience, working alongside 600+retailers, and integrating with over 100 manufacturers and suppliers, we offer a complete software solution covering Point of Sale, Accounting, Stock Control, Service Workshop and Marketing.

Biscount is a powerful Business Management Software Package, developed specifically for Retailers in the Power Equipment, Motorcycle, Marine, Agricultural and Automotive Industries, however can benefit any business requiring an inventory of spare parts, point of sale functionality and workshop module.



Everything you need to effectively manage your repairs department. Create workshop jobcards in seconds, with details including equipment specifics, customer details, job requirements, scheduling, and mechanic assignments.


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Stock Control

Know your inventory position inside out and manage this key business asset with confidence and ease. Biscount provides the information and tools required to optimise your stock control and increase your return on investment.



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Import pricefiles into Biscount and gain instant access to your supplier’s product number, description, category, cost, recommended retail, margin and barcode information. Add items to your stock with a click and apply recommended retail prices or mark-up on cost price, plus much more

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An invaluable reporting suite that includes accounting, financial, stock, workshop, equipment, floorplan, customer, enhanced sales and operator logging reports in summary and detailed formats. Analyse every aspect of your business performance with ease…


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Our complete accounting solution includes a seamless Payroll integration with E-PayDay, removing any need for a 2nd dedicated accounting software package.

Biscount also interfaces to the Xero Accounting package, allowing for a date range export from Biscount a summary of sales made, purchases of stock, payments out and receipts in over to the Xero package with the click of a button.

Link your Eftpos transactions via PC-Eftpos / Linkly  or Tyro terminals and also take advantage of our integration with ZipPay.

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A simple and intuitive sales process allows you to serve your customers quickly whilst minimising user errors. Seamless integration with your POS hardware and Eftpos terminals further enhance your customer service and sales efficiency.



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Equipment List & Warranty Uploads

The Customer Equipment List stores details of major item sales for future warranty, workshop and marketing purposes and can also be used to access detailed Floorplan information. Warranty information is stored at POS and can be uploaded directly to Manufacturer websites.

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Set min/max stock levels and let Biscount take care of your ordering for you. Stock can be placed on order anytime you sell below the min or max stock level or you can periodically use our top-up function to order everything that is below your optimal stock level.



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No more excuses for not finding customers and turning them all into repeat buyers. Powerful reporting tools combined with simple communication processes will have your customers continually coming back for more.



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EPC and Online interfaces

To state it quite simply, Biscount interfaces with more Supplier Electronic Parts Catalogues, On-line Ordering Systems and Dealer Portals than any of our competitors.




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PDF Invoice Imports

Biscount can import PDF invoices from over 95 suppliers with more on the way.  This feature alone will re-shape your business efficiency, enabling the processing of creditor stock invoices in seconds.


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Stay on top of your finance costs with our Floorplan feature. Financed items can be tracked from time of purchase through sales and final curtailment payout. Utilise the simple yet effective Floorplan reports to get a snapshot of your finance position and held GST credits at anytime.

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Biscount integrates with e-Payday to streamline your payroll process. ePayday offers a comprehensive, flexible and easy to operate payroll system that is among the top selling payroll applications in Australia.

PC-Eftpos / Linkly 

PC-Eftpos is the largest supplier of integrated Eftpos solutions in Australia, supported by all of the major banks.  Link your Eftpos terminals with Biscount and take advantage of our seamless integration.


Give your customer’s the power to pay later, interest free and watch your sales grow. Another free integration with Biscount, Zip Pay is a simple interest-free payment solution accepted by thousands of stores across Australia.



Free online training with a team member is available to all new customers via remote access program Teamviewer.  A comprehensive user manual, as well as the program Help file and Tutorial videos further enhance the learning process.  On-site training can also be arranged upon request.

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You will love the support our dedicated team offer, with knowledgeable, experienced staff ready to handle all of your requirements.





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We listen to our users and constantly provide improvements and enhancements based on our valued customer‘s requirements.





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Systems Consults & Supply

Not sure what type of systems your business requires? No problem, talk to us. We provide detailed system requirements and quotes for the hardware, whether you need a dedicated server and systems suitable for remote client access or reliable workstation systems which are fit for purpose but not overkill for the task at hand.

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POS Hardware

If you need reliable POS hardware that’s easy to install and configure then we can help.




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Network Consults

Will a Microsoft LAN suffice or do you need a Server/remote client set-up and maybe a VPN? Did your eyes just glaze over? Don’t worry, because we can advise you or your local IT professionals.

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Data Migration

To stream-line your changeover process, Biscount can convert information from your existing software package. Creditor, Debtor & Stock information can be converted and loaded directly into Biscount.

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Multi-Site Support

Multiple Stores across various sites are no problem as we’ll have a solution that works for you.




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Chainsaw & Mower Services 2015 Ltd

“…We have tried several different workshop software programmes , and nothing compares to what Biscount has to offer – it is a complete package. We would highly recommend Biscount to new and existing businesses and are proud to say that it t has taken our business to the next level.”


Gavin and Lisa Hill

Chainsaw & Mower Services

Acacia Mower Centre

““We have been working with Biscount for 10 years now and over this time they have assisted us to take control of our business stock management and retail systems. During this period they have listened to many suggestions and implemented these changes into Biscount so we can better manage our business…”


David Stevens

Acacia Mower Centre

Colac Motorcycles

““We’ve been a user and a fan of Biscount for almost 20 years now. It’s easy to use, affordable for our business size and I find the Biscount team great to deal with when you need that little extra help. They’re always happy to take our feedback and keen to keep improving and innovate the Biscount software…”


David Wade

Colac Motorcycles


Boats Galore

“…the support offered by the Biscount Team is both prompt and effective. They have worked hard to understand our business in order to constantly improve and modernise the programme as needed. I would recommend it to anyone in a similar industry.”


Peter Clements

Boats Galore




Complete business management software package

Biscount is Australia’s and New Zealand’s premier Dealer Management System.

The programme is an extremely powerful and reliable software package used extensively in the Power Equipment, Motorcycle, Marine, Agricultural and Automotive industries.


*All charges shown above are in Australian Dollars (AUD) including GST. Prices are subject to change at any time without further notice.
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