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Believe with Us

About Biscount

Company History

For over three decades, business owners have loved the ease-of-use of the software and how it was written from their perspective.

By focusing on customers and integrations with industry manufacturers and suppliers, Biscount has become a unique product that delivers more than competitor packages.  The company has continued to grow and evolve within into Outdoor Power Equipment, Motorcycle, Marine, Agricultural and Automotive Industries to become Australia’s premier Dealer Management System.

In 2019, Peter Lowe purchased the business and assumed the owner’s mantle outright.  In a short time Peter has put a fantastic team together and the company is moving forward at breakneck speed.  It is an exciting time here at Biscount and with our continued development our customers will be the biggest beneficiaries.

“We focus on our customers and believe in the simple, not the complex.
We exist to achieve greatness through our software and this will never change.”

Our DNA 

We develop, promote and support the best Business Management Software for retail businesses within the Outdoor Power Equipment, Motorcycle, Marine, Agricultural and Automotive Industries. Our product philosophy is powerful functionality with simplicity of use and our strategic philosophy is to listen to our internal and external stakeholders and not only meet, but surpass expectations.

With a small dedicated team of professionals we are continually introducing exciting new features into our software offering such as the ZipPay and Xero integrations, a new Hire Module, simplified update methodologies and a modern new interface design. By working together in harmonious collaboration we will continue to fulfil our objectives and achieve higher customer satisfaction.


Peter Lowe



Hello! I’m the leader amongst leaders here at Biscount. After a major ownership change, everyone at Biscount is grasping the nettle in our renewed Company. We are using this chance to reinvent ourselves and our software. We aim for Biscount to develop into a software package that’s ahead of the curve, one that’s has really good ideas which are intuitive to use.


In such a short time, we’ve changed our work place into one that encourages creativity, where we really think about how we respond to our Customers with the goal of delivering what you want. We aim to deliver clever, modern software that delivers on our motto. Save time. Make money. Succeed.


In my spare time, I love to join friends over a good meal (I’m a bit of a foodie), with a few drinks thrown in,  some lively discussion and always a good dose of laughter, of course. Swimming is my stress relief.  If only I could do both at the same time.

Anna Reale



Hello, I’m Anna Reale and I’m Biscount Software’s newest recruit. My experience lies in accounts, bookkeeping and administration in various industries.


I’m excited to be commencing with a company that has a vast amount of experience, and is starting a new & exciting phase. It’s a great time for me to come on board!


Whilst handling the Biscount accounts, I will also be part of the ongoing and upcoming evolvement of the accounts within the Biscount Software.


During this phase I will be supporting to the guys here and soon I will be able to provide support our clients with their queries. For any accounts queries, please feel free to give me call!

Steve Fairbrother



Hi, I’m Steve Fairbrother and I oversee the sales and marketing activities at Biscount. Generally speaking, for a prospective Dealer enquiring about using Biscount at their business, I am the team member responsible for conducting an online program demonstration and providing the initial information as to how Biscount will save a Dealership time and also increase the business bottom line.


In addition, for Dealers new to the Biscount team, I provide assistance with the installation of Biscount and start-up training, to ensure that Biscount is providing a benefit to the business from Day One.


In that I also provide ongoing program support to our existing Dealers and Suppliers within the industries we support, my role sees me interacting with Dealerships and Suppliers in both Australia and New Zealand on a daily basis.

My qualifications in Marketing, Project Management and Business Management have seen me work across Europe and Australia, and working within the hospitality and retail industries whilst undergoing tertiary education has ensured that I have a diverse skill set and a high level of life and business experience.


Ultimately, my role within the re-energised Biscount allows me to further build on my skills and provides me with a high degree of job satisfaction, but most importantly allows me to assist Dealerships to grow and become more profitable.

Shane Gorman



Hi, I’m Shane Gorman, you may remember me from the support line here at Biscount, where I do my utmost to solve your problems and help you get more out of Biscount. After 8 years with the business I am pleased to say we have entered an exciting new phase here at Biscount.


With a change in ownership and the addition of several highly skilled team members we are rapidly improving our company, our software and the ways in which we support it.


My personal qualifications include degrees in both Information Technology (Business Information Systems) and Commerce (Management and Accounting) and experience across several industries in positions running the gamut of Store Clerk, Internal Sales, Testing & Inspections Officer, Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Inventory Controller, Victorian State Manager, and National Operations Manager.


Here at Biscount I am responsible for Support and Training, an enjoyable role that allows me high levels of satisfaction and customer contact. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback you may have, not only do I encourage two-way communications, it is an invaluable resource. Regards, and Good Day, Shane.

Graeme Anderson



Graeme Anderson is my name. I am a senior software creator and although I am a relatively new face at Biscount, I bring more than 35 years of I.T. experience to the company. Having created software solutions for many different industry sectors including manufacturing, finance, engineering and education, I remain passionate about software development.


Now working with the Biscount team, my aim is to focus all of that experience on modernizing the Biscount software. Together we will produce a sleek and efficient new application that retains all of your favourite features as well as adding many exciting new ones.


I have a Bachelors degree in Applied Science (Computer Science) and my career has included roles such as: Systems Programmer, Manager Systems/Operations, Database Administrator and Senior Applications Developer. I also have experience in electronic circuit design/construction and radio frequency systems.


With team effort and persistence, I feel very confident that we can turn many of your great ideas, which come via the ‘Make a Wish’ facility and surveys, into an even better business management system. Best Regards, Graeme.

John Kahura



Jambo!  That’s Swahili for G’Day!  John Kahura here, I’m the other half of Biscount’s software creative team with 2 years now at Biscount.  I contribute over a decade of software development experience gained from supporting a fast paced manufacturing environment and a double Major in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University (Go Pack!).


I started developing a passion for creating software on the assembly line of IBM PC manufacturing when IBM built hardware.  Then at Motorola (MOS 15) in the electronic fabrication factory, we manufactured integrated circuits on silicon wafers used in mobile phones including the Motorola Iridium network satellite phones.  At Micron Technology, we manufactured memory modules on circuit boards.


I believe software development is part art and part engineering and this combination motivates me to continue creating and exploring new software solutions.


Now in Melbourne, Australia, I find myself in the company of passionate and brilliant colleagues with diverse and complimentary skill-sets. It is a joy working here, and I love helping our team deliver simple, intuitive and smart software solutions for our customers.